Vinnies WA Fundraising Terms and Conditions

Fundraiser Management

Any event organised by a third party (individual, group or organisation), external to St Vincent de Paul Society (WA) [Vinnies] is not an official Vinnies event, and that third-party is not acting as an official representative or agent of Vinnies.
Vinnies bears no responsibility for the management or conduct of a fundraising event organised by a third party. The event will be conducted in the organiser’s name and they will be solely responsibility for the organisation, conduct and outcomes of the activity or event.

Legal Compliance and Insurance

The organiser must take responsibility to ensure their event or activity is compliant with all legislative requirements, and must obtain all necessary permits, permissions, authorities and licences needed. It is the responsibility of the individual organiser to investigate these requirements and no responsibility will be taken by Vinnies for matters involving national, state/territory or local council laws, or venue codes of conduct.

The organiser agrees to release Vinnies to the fullest extent permissible under law for all claims and demands of any kind associated with the event or activity and related outcomes, and indemnifies Vinnies for all liability or costs that may arise in respect to any damage, loss or injury that occurs to any person in anyway associated the event or activity.

Safety and Risk

Events must be organised with the safety and security of all participants in mind and the Organiser must take responsibility for the safety and security of others and themselves, including holding the required insurances such as public liability insurance. Events or activities that present inherent or unreasonable risk are not encouraged by Vinnies.

Reputation, Branding and Ethical Behaviour

The organiser or event/activity must not in any way undermine the work of Vinnies, discredit the Vinnies, or bring Vinnies into disrepute. The Organiser commits to fundraising in an ethical way that is in line with the values of Vinnies.

The Organiser will seek permission before using the Vinnies brand in any way, outside of those provided for download on our website, such as in promotional materials, including use of; logos, taglines, images, and any other brand elements. 

Express written permission must be gained for any brand use, and under no circumstances should the fundraising event or activity be attributed to the organisation. For logo use, please email

The event or activity should not be named or branded as Vinnies and the organiser should seek to instead name the activity themselves. Support can be promoted with the text ‘proceeds donated to Vinnies’ or ‘proudly supporting Vinnies’.


Permission must be sought before contacting the media. You can discuss media opportunities with us by contacting: or (08) 63237543

The organiser is responsible for covering any expenses relating to the event and as such any losses that may arise from the event or activity. Vinnies takes no responsibility for the financial outcome of the event/ activity.

The organiser agrees to be honest in their handling of money that they have committed to donate. The organiser will hold all funds raised until the event or activity is complete and funds are submitted to Vinnies.


The organiser is required to send the funds raised to Vinnies within 14 days of the event or activity being completed.

The organiser must commit to accurately completing all necessary paperwork and supplying this to Vinnies within 30 days of the event or activity being completed.


Vinnies reserves the right to cancel any association with fundraising events or activities at any time and withdraw approval, if the organiser fails to meet any requirement or their registration or aforementioned responsibilities.

You must be 18 years or older to qualify for registration as a community fundraiser, or have an adult submit on your behalf and then accompany you at the event or activity. If you are submitting on behalf of someone under 18 years, please make these clear on the application form.